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3 Civvies With A Hat

Hello and Welcome from 3 Civvies With A Hat

Four chaps from Pellcomp Software are undertaking the Paras' 10 Challenge on 12 September 2010. For those who aren't aware, the Para10 is a 10 mile march/run with three big differences:

  • It's over Catterick training area with steep hills and water-filled holes.
  • There's a 3 hour time limit before you get scooped up by the Jack wagon. We're aiming for 1:50 (hahaha)
  • We have to wear boots and carry a 35lb pack

Are we crazy? Probably.
Were we drunk when we decided to do this? I think so, but the memory's hazy.
Will it be worth it? Definitely. We may be dead by the end of it but we're raising money for a good cause.

One of us, John, is ex Royal Signals who retired long, long ago and should probably know better, on the "how the hell did I get here" side of 50. The other three, James, Mike and Pete are all thrusting and vigorous young chaps who have offered to carry the old fella round the Plains of Catterick after an evening of lemonade and crisps in the local hostelries of Richmond.

We're doing it because we can, to help those who could, but can't any longer. Please give what you can.

Thank you.

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What is H4H all about? It's about the blokes, our men and women of the Armed Forces. It's about Derek, a rugby player who has lost both his legs, it about Carl whose jaw is wired up so he has been drinking through a straw. It's about Richard who was handed a mobile phone as he lay on the stretcher so he could say goodbye to his wife. It's about Ben, it's about Steven and Andy and Mark, it's about them all. They are just blokes but they are our blokes; they are our heroes. We want to help our heroes.

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