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Heroes of Telemark

Hello and Welcome from Heroes of Telemark

Y.CO - Heroes of Telemark

From March 16th to March 24th 2012, Y.CO Founders Gary Wright and Charlie Birkett, and Director Yves Damette will join 12 former members to retrace some of the steps of the Heroes of Telemark in one of the world’s most gruelling challenges.

The Heroes of Telemark were a group of 6 Norwegian soldiers who were dispatched to Vemork, Norway, to destroy a facility producing Heavy Water (a key component in creating nuclear weapons). Operation Gunnerside, as it was known, was successfully carried out on February 28th 1943 when the team broke in and destroyed the plant before telemarking to safety (chased by 3,000 enemy troops!). It is considered the most successful act of sabotage of WWII.

To commemorate the heroic mission, Gary, Charlie and Yves will (unassisted and carrying all of their own provisions) telemark from Evjemoen, a former Norwegian military camp, on a 7 day journey that will bring them to Vemork, the original site of the Heavy Water plant.

Accompanied by ex-military personnel, the Y.CO team is raising money for the SBSA charity as well as paying homage to those on both sides who showed such bravery, tenacity and endurance back in 1943. The Heroes of Telemark are an inspiration not only because of their physical achievement in the face of tough conditions, but also for their self-discipline, mental courage and dedication to a cause greater than the individual – all qualities which can be applied in our everyday lives.

We thank you for your support.

About Y.CO

Founded in Monaco in 2003, Y.CO is a different kind of yacht company – its founders and senior management have come from yachting backgrounds with decades of experience working on some of the largest luxury yachts in the world.

Y.CO offers clients services in sale, purchase, luxury yacht charter, management and construction of the world’s most exclusive vessels, starting from 28m (80ft) in length to 130m (430ft).

The company has become renowned for its pioneering approach to every aspect of yachting - including the development of its own groundbreaking yacht management software - and is proud to include among its clients and brand ambassadors some of the most influential business people and experienced yachtsmen in the world.

Y.CO is a subsidiary of Y.CO Group PLC. which is listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM). Headquarters are in Monaco with offices in London, Doha, Newport, Fort Lauderdale, Antibes and Palma.

About SBSA

The Special Boat Service (SBS) is deployed at the forefront in the war against international terrorism, and the operational intensity that these brave young men experience is both unrelenting and unprecedented. It is unlikely that this trend will change in the foreseeable future and their families, too, have to bear the burden of this hugely uncertain and demanding undertaking. The Special Boat Service Association (SBSA) has been in existence as a charitable organisation for the past 13 years and provides discreet welfare, physical and emotional support to serving and retired members of the SBS. Due to the nature of the SBS, the SBSA is unable to make a public appeal and therefore depends on the generosity of those individuals and organisations who appreciate and respect the very special role that the SBS is fulfilling on behalf of this country. The men of the SBS are both brave and patriotic, and, day after day, they unfailingly carry out vital tasks in the service of our country. They and their families make great sacrifices on our behalf. They are very special individuals and the work they do is very special. Therefore, when they are in need, the level of care and support that they deserve is also very special and that is precisely what the SBSA has pledged to provide. Given the current operational tempo, and the sad, though inescapable fact of the fatalities and casualties suffered by the SBS, the SBSA has an increasingly important role to play. There are now a growing number of members and their dependents for whom, through physical or psychological injury, or bereavement, the SBSA has a responsibility. Some of the wounded have suffered catastrophic and life changing injuries which will require decades of intensive and complex assistance and one young man, in particular, will need considerable support and full time care for the rest of his life. Long term injuries call for long term solutions and the aspiration is always to restore an individual to a quality of life that is sustainable ‘through life’. The care, facilities and accommodation that are required and deserved will always be provided, and whilst much of this support is being delivered via formal Service means, the SBSA fills a delta of need which raises that support to a level which is deemed to be appropriate. Sometimes this involves helping families to finance hospital visits or it may mean that a wounded man has access to treatment or equipment that would not otherwise be available to him. With the current operational cycle resulting in the men of the SBS spending much more time deployed away from home than ever before, the SBSA are also engaged in a number of initiatives to try and alleviate some of the pressures that its members and their families endure. A wide spectrum of support and amenities are provided, which clearly help the men of the SBS and their families. This also makes a significant difference to the men at the front, for they know that, should the worst happen, they and their families will be cared for as they would have wished. Further essential projects include a Bursary Scheme, which supports the educational and vocational training for the children of those SBS men who have lost their lives in the service of their country. Its aim is to ensure that no child will suffer from a reduction in the educational opportunity that they would otherwise have expected had their father not lost his life. This scheme currently cares for the educational needs of a diverse group of children and youngsters, and sadly, the number of very small children whom it supports continues to grow. Some of them will be looking to the Association for support for the best part of twenty years, whilst they are in full time education and vocational training. Additionally, a scheme offering free private medical healthcare insurance to the wives or partners and the children of serving men, the recently widowed and their children, as well as the dependants of those who have been recently medically discharged. This initiative has successfully provided peace of mind to both the men serving abroad and those at home in a number of cases, particularly those in which medical attention has been required by a deployed or recently injured man’s family. Work is currently underway to establish a similar scheme which will be open to all SBSA members and their families. This, of course, is in addition to the growing numbers of former members who are suffering from the combined effects of years of operational duty and advancing old age and who now look to the SBSA for help, guidance and support.

Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, the SBSA has so far succeeded in providing the kind of support that these very special people and their families deserve when, for whatever reason, they come unstuck in the service of their country. Whilst current funds are able to meet existing short-term demands, the SBSA is still a long way short of holding sufficient funds to meet the long-term commitments which it has to its members and their dependents. It is also a sobering thought that, if faced with an operational tragedy, the current funding of the SBSA would prove woefully inadequate. Although the SBS has hitherto not suffered a catastrophic event of the same magnitude, the danger its young men face on a daily basis was made clear in August 2011 when a Chinook helicopter was brought down in Afghanistan, with the loss of 38 of its brothers from the US Special Forces. Close bonds with the families devastated by this tragic event have strengthened the SBSA’s resolve to generate sufficient resources to ensure that the exceptional men of the SBS and their families can be adequately cared for should a similar tragedy befall them. Direct welfare costs have doubled year on year since 2010 and this pattern of increasing expenditure, to improve the lives of the wounded and the bereaved, is set to continue for the forseeable future. Fundraising efforts therefore continue to increase, in line with these growing demands upon the SBSA’s resources. The SBSA’s aim is to raise sufficient funds to enable it to be in a position to provide long term financial assistance and support to its members and their dependents, in addition to gradually increasing the general fund, with the ultimate goal of becoming self sufficient via capital investment. We very much hope that you will be able help the SBSA to continue its vital work in caring for all members of this unique and very tight-knit family, and to ensure that all who look to us for help are able to continue to live their lives with dignity and with the reassurance that our support will not fail them should they ever encounter a time of need.


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