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The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund

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London is a shameful tale of two cities. In the richest capital in Europe almost half our children live below the poverty line. These children and their families - the Dispossessed - are cut off from the life most Londoners take for granted. As London's paper, the Evening Standard believes it is important to champion their cause. The Evening Standard Fund for The Dispossessed has been set up to fight poverty - and we want you to help to fight the causes behind The Dispossessed. Hundreds of incredible charities across London are fighting the causes of The Dispossessed. Together they are tackling the grinding poverty that blights the city. But these charities need help.

With your help the Dispossessed Fund has already raised £11.2 million and £6.3 million has already given to 737 groups as grants to support the local heroes who lift people out of poverty by targeting education, crime, health, and unemployment. If you care about London, dig deep and donate! Donations to the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund are being collected by UK Community Foundations (UKCF), registered charity No 1004630.

(Registered Charity Number: 1004630)


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