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Jessie's Fund

Hello and Welcome!

Jessie's Fund helps seriously ill and disabled children through the creative use of music and music therapy. Many of the children we help can’t talk: music can be vital as a non-verbal means of communication and expression. It offers a source of fun and participation for children who may have little access to normal childhood activities. It can also increase self-esteem, aid co-ordination, offer non-drug based pain control, and give time out from medical procedures.

Jessie's Fund was established in 1995, in memory of a musical little girl who died at the age of nine from a brain tumour. We provide musical instruments, initiate posts for music therapists in children's hospices, run workshops and training courses on using simple musical techniques for communication, and provide creative music-making projects in special schools. We aim to use our limited resources to make a lasting difference, often working in partnership with organisations in order to ensure the continuation of our projects beyond the period of our financial support.

Here are some ways in which your donation could help:

  • £15 buys a small, hand-held instrument (eg. tambourine)
  • £35 funds a music therapy session
  • £90 buys an African drum
  • £180 funds a day's music therapy in a children's hospice
  • £300 pays for a day's music workshop for staff

We are a small charity but work all over the UK, and your help is very important to us. We have a Friends' group of loyal supporters, and we would welcome you as a member. To find out more, go to

 But you don’t have to be a Friend to support us! Thank you for your interest in Jessie’s Fund.

(Registered Charity Number: 1045731)


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