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About Bmycharity

Bmycharity was originally created by Ben Brabyn and Matt Cooper in 2000. It was purchased by Help for Heroes in March 2010 and is currently supported by a very small team. The aim of the purchase was to continue to provide an online, commission free donations facility for UK registered Charities and to fund this low cost site by focusing on encouraging supporters to make as many Help for Heroes donations through Bmycharity as possible.

By coupling Bmycharity's lean, low cost business with H4H's technical resources and relationships with banks and corporate partners, we're able to cover the costs of providing the service to the charity sector commission-free.

1 How many charities does Bmycharity currently support?

Currently Bmycharity supports over 430 charities, with many new charities joining every year.

2 What we do

Bmycharity is a commission free, online fundraising website that can be used by any charity registered with the UK Charities Commission regardless of its size.

3 Benefits of joining Bmycharity

Benefits of joining Bmycharity

4 What functionality is available on the site

4.1 Your Bmycharity homepage

We use your charity logo, text and 2 of your charity colours to customise and create your Bmycharity homepage



Your supporters can either chose to make a direct donation to your homepage by selecting Make a Donation at this point or they can select to start Fundraising which enables them to create their own fundraising page in support of your charity. You can report on which new fundraising pages have been created during any two dates within the reporting function so you can keep track of them.

Please note that fundraisers can add their own text at the top of their fundraising page to let their supporters know about their fundraising plans, the bottom half of each fundraising page will show the same text as your charity homepage – please see an example fundraising page below:-


4.2 Fundraising pages supporting a charity event (please also refer to the Events section below)

However if a fundraiser has created a page in support of one of your events then the bottom half of the page will show the event information. Please see attached an example of a fundraising page supporting an event. You will see the event name is displayed in brackets next to the Charity name. Please see attached example.

4.3 Group pages

Please note that we offer your fundraisers the facility to create a group page if they wish. Group pages are useful if a group of friends or work colleagues, all supporting your charity, wish to link their fundraising pages together to see who has raised the most! A group page can introduce a friendly bit of competition to fundraising.


We encourage all individual fundraisers to circulate their individual fundraising pages to collect donations and supporters cannot donate directly to a group page. For further information on group pages, please select here which will take you to the fundraiser information.

5 Events Section

5.1 What if I want to raise money for a specific project or an event, can I do this?

Bmycharity offers the option for a charity to create an event or series of events. Events can only be created by the charity, once they have logged into their charity account, and could either be an actual event such as a bike ride or a fashion show or to collect donations to support a specific project such as a new building or a project to provide aid to a particular region.

Please note at present the event facility offers limited functionality as your supporters are not able to make a direct donation to a particular event and a list of events will not currently be displayed on your Bmycharity homepage. However fundraisers can choose to support one of your events when they create their fundraising page, as the events are listed in an event dropdown list. The event details are then displayed on the fundraiser page. Please see an example of a fundraising page linked to an event, the event title will be displayed in the brackets and the event detail below this.

Please note that your charity will be able to report on donations by event or by fundraiser in the reporting function so that you can apportion donations appropriately when they are paid across to you by Bmycharity (Bmyhero) on a monthly basis.

5.2 How do I create an event in Bmycharity

Events can only be created by the charity once they have logged into their Bmycharity account, not the fundraiser.

You will need to login to your Bmycharity account and select events, where you will see an option to create a new event. You will then be prompted for an event name and an event date. This open up the event edit screen where you can add two paragraphs of text about your event. You will also need to select event available for it to be added as a drop down option for new fundraising pages. There is an option here for fundraising pages associated with this event to display gift aid – this option is automatically pre completed to yes.

5.3 How do I remove an event?

If your event or project has ended and you no longer wish to apportion funds to support this you can login your account, select events and then click on the chosen event. At the bottom of the edit screen you will see an Event Available option – please remove the tick and select save changes and this will remove the event from being available to future fundraisers.

Please note that the option to delete an event will only be displayed if there are no fundraising pages linked to it.

6 What functionality is not currently available on the site?

  • Text giving
  • Donations by Pay Pal
  • Better information on the use of events functionality
  • Showing more than the top 3 fundraisers
  • Fundraising pages that can support more than one charity

7 When is the site likely to be developed and what functionality may be added?

We are looking to make some development changes in the latter half of this year and are collating suggestions from our charities and fundraisers on an on-going basis.

Please note that we will highlight any changes made to the site clearly on the homepage at

8 Customising your Bmycharity homepage

You can customise your page with your Charity Logo, photos and 2 paragraphs of text about your charity. We can also incorporate 2 colours for the page to match your charity’s branding. Please see the attached example.

9 How the site works

Once your Charity Homepage has been created, you can promote this page through your charity website, email, facebook, twitter and promote the link in all your online and offline communications (enewsletter, news articles direct mailings etc).

Donors can then choose to :-

  • Make a direct donation to your Bmycharity homepage or to one of your fundraising pages
  • Create a fundraising page to raise funds for you

If your charity is aiming to raise funds for several different projects you can set these projects up as separate events on Bmycharity. When new fundraising pages are created, individuals can chose to support a particular event for their online fundraising page. You are also able to obtain reports on how much has been raised for each event so that you will know how to distribute income as it is paid across each month.

10 Want to update the information on your Bmycharity page?

Simply send through the updated text in a word document, or send through your new Corporate ID and photos to us at and we will update this for you.

The site may be developed towards the end of 2012 to allow charities to update their homepage directly. We will keep you informed of any improvements.

11 The finance section...

11.1 Donations

All donations will be paid into your charity Bank Account (as notified to us in your completed Bmycharity contract) via BACS transfer on a monthly basis minus the 1.6% transaction fee, so for example all donations paid to your Bmycharity account in December would be paid to your charity at the end of January. Please note that our payment run is usually made on or around the 28th of each month.

Our Finance team will send you a transaction fee statement each month outlining the transaction fee that has been taken from your donations each month. Please note that you do not need to pay the transaction fee as this will have been deducted from your monthly donations.

To obtain a breakdown of the monthly BACS amount and obtain a list of the all the individual donations, simply login to your Bmycharity account, select reporting, then select an all donations report for the previous month. For example if you received payment at the end of Dec 2011, this correlates to all donations received in November 2011 – therefore select dates from 1 Nov 2011 – 30 Nov 2011. The amount paid should match this total minus the 1.6% transaction fee which is taken in advance.

Do you accept/process offline donations, cash and cheques?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept offline monies and the Donor would need to contact your charity directly to confirm where to send cheques and cash.

11.2 What if our charity bank account details change, what should I do?

Please email us at and let us know your new details so that we can update our details and contact our Finance Team. Please note that we will also need to receive a copy of your new charity bank statement so that we can verify the account.

11.3 Gift aid

We collect Gift Aid consent from your donors during the donation process.

We are not able to claim the gift aid on your behalf from the HMRC but we do provide you with a simple gift aid report that you can download and forward to the HMRC to claim this on all relevant donations.

For further information on how Gift Aid works and what is required to claim it please visit the HMRC website.

11.4 What reports are available?

We are able to provide a secure and comprehensive range of reports where you can view and download data to help you monitor your supporters’ online fundraising including. Once you have created a Bmycharity account you will be given a login and you can select the reporting function.


This will give you access to the following reports, which can be produced between any two dates:-

  • Donations by event – where you have set up an event for your charity to support a specific project you can obtain a report outlining all donation details made in support of this event.
  • Donations by Fundraiser – groups all donations made to each fundraising page. This information can then be further broken down to show individual donations.
  • Direct Donations – this report will list all donations made direct to your Bmycharity homepage and exclude those made to your fundraising pages.
  • All donations – provides a report listing all the individual donations (and Donor details) made either directly to your charity homepage or to any of your fundraising pages.
  • All Gift Aid Donations – this report contains all the relevant Donor information required by HMRC to claim gift aid
  • Pages created by Date report – this report will list all fundraising pages created between 2 dates

The report will then need to be exported as a csv file into an excel spread sheet where totals can be added.


11.5 Custom Reports

We hope these reports provide all the information you require. Please note that in order to maintain our low cost base it is not possible to provide any customisation of these reports.

11.6 What Donor information is shown on the reports?

We collect the following information on Donors:-

  • Donation date
  • Full name and title
  • Address
  • Donation amount
  • Donor email address
  • Whether the donation would like to make their donation anonymous
  • Whether they wish to receive postal mailings from your charity about its work
  • Whether they would like your charity to contact them by email with information about its work
  • Whether they would like Bmycharity to contact them with information that may be of interest
  • Details of the donation message
  • Fundraiser email address (If donation made through a fundraising page)
  • Event name – general fundraising will show ‘fundraising’ here but where you have created specific events these will show here.
  • The URL name for the fundraising page the donation was made to. This will appear blank if the donation was made direct

For further information on reporting, please contact us at or call us on 0845 058 0549.

11.7 How secure is Bmycharity?

We use industry standard SSL encryption during logon and donation process.

11.8 How we save charities money?

We can save money for charities regardless of their size. The table below shows how our fees compare with our nearest competitors

The information below is displayed for a donation of £10 with Gift Aid.

BmycharityJustgivingVirgin Money Giving
Tax reclaim£2.50£2.50£2.50
Commission fee0p63p20p
Card Processing Fee16p13p15p
Charity Receives£12.34£11.74£12.15
Monthly Fee£0£15.00£0
Charity Joining fee£150 + VAT£0£100 + VAT

Accurate as at March 2012

Our initial set up fee is £150 + VAT, this fee covers the costs involved in creating a charity’s branded fundraising pages on the site. We do not charge an additional monthly or annual fee, saving you even more money. Donations are paid across to you each month minus our 1.6% transaction fee.

11.9 Interested in joining?

  • Select here to download a joining pack or email a request to:
  • Complete and sign the contract and return it to us along with your fee
  • Provide us with the information you would like to be displayed on your page along with your logo and images by email
  • Once we have all of the required documentation we will set up your pages and you’re ready to fundraise.

Please note that all charities should be registered with the Charities Commission of England and Wales or Scotland where applicable. If you have been granted charitable status by the HMRC so that you can claim Gift Aid, but are not registered with either of the Charities Commissions mentioned above then you should provide us with a copy of the letter issued to you by the HMRC confirming your eligibility to claim Gift Aid.

11.10 What do we need to create your Bmycharity account?

Please send the following information to

  • Your charity logo, in JPEG format 84 pixels high and up to 308 pixels wide
  • Any images you would like displayed on your pages in JPEG format and preferably landscape along with consent for their use.
  • Two paragraphs of plain text to describe your charity and explain how donations will help. Up to 300 words in total. All text will be displayed in Arial font size 9 in grey text. Please note that we cannot at present incorporate bullet points, hyperlinks or coloured text onto your page.
  • The preferred directory that you would like your site to use – the address will begin with – but you can choose the last part, for example, please use no more than 15 characters where possible.
  • The URL of the website to which we can link for people who want to find out more about your organisation
  • A copy of a recent bank statement (last 3 months) for the bank account that you wish us to transfer the donations to. This is so that we can ensure that we are paying into a valid charity bank account
  • Confirmation of the email address to be used by the Charity administrator to login to your Bmycharity account.

Once we’ve received all of the required information and payment, then you can expect to be online within 5-7 working days.

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