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Bmycharity is no longer accepting registrations for new fundraising pages.  Please see the FUNDRAISERS tab for more details.
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New Charity Registrations

From 1st January 2015 Bmycharity will no longer accept registrations for new charities.

Bmycharity will remain online and available for use by existing charities until 31st December 2015. Registered fundraisers will be able to utilise the service until this date.

If you have any questions at all, or want to talk through the transition process, please contact Bmycharity on 01980 846459 or

How do I run a Gift Aid report?

  1. Log in to your Charity Account. Click Login to your Account in the top right-hand corner of the page and type your Charity administrator username and password.

  2. Once you have successfully logged into your Account click View reports from the ‘Reporting’ Box (see below)

  3. There are two reports that you can view relating to Gift Aid - ‘All Gift Aid Donations’ and ‘HMRC GiftAid Report’ – it is the second report that you need as this is easier to use and is already in the required format for HMRC. Enter StartDate and EndDate and use the drop down arrow to select HMRC GiftAid Report
    Click View to run the Gift Aid report.

  4. To export your Gift Aid report so that you can send it on to HMRC click on the ‘Export’ button shown in the image below and select your preferred format

What does the future hold for Bmycharity?

Since its’ creation, the landscape of online giving has changed exponentially. For several years Bmycharity has offered the best deal for charities and fundraisers, with a zero-commission offering. It has served its purpose well, but times have moved on.

In 2014 the long-term sustainability of Bmycharity as an online giving platform was considered. The review concluded that significant investment would be required to make it comparable to online giving tools available on the market, which have superior fundraising capabilities. Other online giving platforms offer automatic Gift Aid reclamation, better social and mobile integration and embedded text donations.

In January 2015 the decision was made to cease any further investment in Bmycharity, and it is anticipated that there will be no further activity in Bmycharity by the end of 2015.

We use Bmycharity as our online giving platform. What happens now?

If you use Bmycharity as just one of your online giving platforms, you can simply transfer your online fundraising activity to another provider you use. If you only use Bmycharity as your online giving provider, you will be given plenty of notice to research an alternative before the end of 2015, and Bmycharity will support you with this process.

If we change provider, will we still be able to claim Gift Aid on donations we receive from alternative sites?

Absolutely. All charities rely heavily on their supporters opting to increase their donation via Gift Aid, and this will continue with other online giving platforms. As other sites have invested more in their systems, it is likely you will be able to achieve higher levels of Gift Aid reclamation at a lower cost, resulting in increased revenue for your charity.

Will our Bmycharity page(s) transfer over to another online giving site automatically?

No, an automatic transfer from Bmycharity to another online giving site would require significant investment, with no guarantee that it would be any more effective than a manual transfer. Therefore during 2015 Bmycharity will be working with charities and fundraisers to ensure a smooth transition.

One of our fundraisers has just registered an event on Bmycharity, do they now have to close it and start a new one?

They do not have to close it, they can continue to use Bmycharity for their event until the end of 2015. They may, however, choose to transfer over to another online giving site sooner rather than later, to fully benefit from the likely additional user functionality, social sharing and mobile text giving.

Can we merge the amount raised on our Bmycharity page(s) onto another online giving site?

You can take the amount which has been raised for your charity on Bmycharity, and add it as an “offline” amount to another online giving site.

If Bmycharity closes, what happens to the donations which have been pledged on the page?

The donations already pledged via Bmycharity either have been, or will, be paid across to your charity – these are completely secure.

How long will our Bmycharity page(s) remain online for?

Your Bmycharity page(s) will be live until 31st December 2015. We will work with you to ensure you understand the process, and it may be the case that you prefer to move your fundraising pages across to another provider sooner rather than later.

We have been with Bmycharity for years. What happens to all the history and comments on our page(s)?

We understand that these are important to charities and fundraisers. We are looking into ways of exporting the valuable history and comments from Bmycharity so they can be kept. We will advise soon on how we will enable access to this information.

We registered as a charity recently and paid a setup fee, will this be reimbursed?

Yes, if you recently registered as a new charity and paid the one-off setup fee of £180 inc VAT this will be refunded to you by Bmycharity as a gesture of goodwill. Please contact us so that we can process a refund.

As a charity, how much support will Bmycharity offer us with the transition to a new giving site?

Our team will be able to provide support and guidance, but we will not be able to offer any technical support on the transition of pages or setting up of new accounts, nor make any recommendations as to which online giving platform you should use. Most online giving sites have a dedicated support team.

What will happen to existing personal data held by Bmycharity when the company closes down?

For Inland Revenue purposes this information will be securely held by Bmycharity for the statutory period. Please note Bmycharity does not hold credit card data.

Does this decision affect offline donations?

No, this does not affect offline giving such as cash, cheques etc. which you will continue to receive as normal.

If I have any questions who should I contact?

If you have any questions at all, or want to talk through the transition process, please contact Bmycharity on 01980 846459 or

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