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Bmycharity is no longer accepting registrations for new fundraising pages.  Please see the FUNDRAISERS tab for more details.
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1 How do I make a donation?

You can choose to make a direct donation to the charity of your choice as long as they have registered with Bmycharity. To find the charity on our site visit and type in part of the charity name in the Find a charity box, alternatively if you select browse you can see all the charities listed alphabetically.

Select your charity and you can either chose to make a direct donation by selecting Make a donation or you can chose to support a particular fundraiser.

Ideally your friend or colleague will have sent you a link to their fundraising page so that you can donate directly. However to find a fundraiser for this charity select Sponsor a Friend and type in your friend's first or last name or fundraising type for example Marathon. The site will then list all relevant fundraising pages for you to choose. Once you have made your choice you can make a direct donation to the fundraising page. Once you have made your donation it will appear in the most recent donations listed on the fundraising page.

If you decide to make a direct donation to the charity, please note that you will receive an email confirmation of your donation and the donation will be passed to the charity in your name and will appear in the charity reports together with any message you send. Please note that direct donations will not appear on the Bmycharity website. If you would like your donation to appear on the site you will need to make your donation through one of the charity’s fundraising pages.

2 The Donation screen itself, explained


Please complete your personal details as requested including selecting a Title (Miss, Mr etc) from the drop down menu as well as an email address and postcode. If you wish to add a message of support please complete this optional field. If you are donating straight to a fundraising page your message will be displayed on the fundraisers page and on the donation reports that the charity can print out. Please ensure that all the fields have been fully completed in order to process the donation.


For those who are making a direct donation to a charity homepage, for example please note that your donation message will not appear on the website but will appear on the donation reports that the charity produced periodically.

3 Does Bmycharity only accept online donations?

If you are supporting Help for Heroes, you can send your cheques, payable to Help for Heroes, through to the following address:-

The Donations Team
Help for Heroes
14 Parkers Close
Downton Business Centre
Parkers Close
Salisbury SP5 3RB
You can pay cash donations into any Lloyds TSB quoting the following details:
Sort code : 30 90 21
Account Number : 03524452

If you are supporting any other charity you will need to contact the charity direct.

4 What card types does the site accept?

We accept the following card types

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Electron
  • Switch/Maestro
  • Solo
  • Visa Delta

5 Do you accept Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) cheques?

For Help for Heroes donations, yes we do. Please contact the Help for Heroes Donations Team on 01980 846459. For any other charity, please contact the charity directly.

6 How do I find my friend's Bmycharity fundraising page?

Please visit and select the appropriate charity. If you then type in your friend’s first or last name in the Find a Friend field, the site will list all matches for you to make a selection.

7 How will I know if my donation has been successful?

Once you have successfully made your donation you will automatically receive an email confirmation to the email address used for your donation.

8 What if I need to change the amount of my donation?

Unfortunately we are unable to change the donation amount. For any queries please contact

9 What if I have forgotten to select gift aid when I made by donation?

That's absolutely fine, simply email us at quoting your first and last name and your transaction reference and we can send a Gift Aid declaration email for you to return confirming your eligibility.

10 Can I make regular donation donations?

  1. For Help for Heroes. If you would like to make regular donations to the Help for Heroes Charity directly please find attached a Standing Order Mandate.

    Please note that at present you are not able to make regular donations direct to a Bmycharity Help for Heroes fundraising page but only to the central Charity account.

  2. For any other charity, please contact your charity directly to arrange this.

11 I've changed my mind, can I have a refund of my donation?

Unfortunately we are unable to refund your donation amount. For any queries please contact

13 Do I get a receipt once I have made my donation?

Yes, we will automatically send you a thank you email confirming your donation immediately after you have made it. This will be sent to the email address you included as part of the donation process so please type the email address in carefully.

14 But I didn’t receive an automatic confirmation, what should I do?

It could be that our email has been inadvertently sent to your junk or spam folder within your email, so please do check there first. If it doesn’t appear there it could be that the email address entered during your donation was not correct , if this is the case please contact us at and we will send you through a manual confirmation.

15 I am having problems making my donation, the page appears to be freezing. What should I do?

Firstly, please check that you have filled in all the details on the donation page, in particular a title and an email address. At present, the page does not highlight in red when a field is missing. If you are still having problems then please contact us at and let us know your full name, time of your donation, the URL link for the page you were donating through to and what type of card you were using ie. Natwest Mastercard. We can then check with our third party card processing company so see what has happened and get back to you.

16 I have made a donation to my friend’s fundraising page which appeared initially but has since disappeared. Why is this?

To protect the Bmycharity site against possible fraudulent activity, our third party card processing company monitors donation activity. Commonly where one person has made many donations using the same card during a short period of time, the donations may be put on hold until a Customer Services representative has had time to look at the payments and manually override. Please note that this would result in these donations initially appearing, then disappearing whilst the payments are reviewed and then reappearing once the block has been removed. Please note that this process can take around 2 days. If you have any queries, please email us at quoting your transaction reference and we will look into this for you.

17 I do not live in the UK. Can I still make a donation to a page on Bmycharity?

Yes you can. Please complete the donation details requested via the site. You will need to make your donation in pounds sterling. Please note that there are no additional charges incurred by Bmycharity but you will need to check with your local bank if they will apply any changes and what currency exchange rate will apply.

18 I made a donation several years ago and my donation details are still showing in Google searches, can you remove this.

Yes. Please email us at providing us with your full name and the date of the donation and we will amend the donor details to anonymous which will prevent your details appearing in Google searches. Please note that it may take Google several weeks to update their indexes to remove your name
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